In Lavalleja, northeast of the town of Solis de Mataojo, you will reach an outcrop 400m above sea level, a place where you can breathe fresh and pure air. “Chacras de las Sierras” lies on a privileged spot in the heart of Sierra de las Animas.
One hour away from AIC and only 45 minutes from Punta del Este, this 1100 hectare spread includes the prettiest panoramic scenery in Uruguay. It is a unique place to unwind, reconnect to nature’s energy and enjoy its quiet. The landscape artfully combines the fields’ greenery with the light grey of the rocks that spot the hills’ surfaces. Once in a while, water emerges among the rocks to testify about the land’s riches. The spread is fractioned into 60 “chacras” (lots) that stand among preserved common areas that protect the bushes, woods, local species and waterfalls, as well as additional grounds for the vineyards, polo fields and Club House. For its location and unique value, “Chacras de las Sierras” has seduced many local and foreign investors; individuals who appreciate and understand what this special place is about. Lots are about 20 hectares extensions, connected through internal roadways more than 30km long.